Autochthonous Varieties and Selected Wines

Autochthonous varieties:

Selected wines:

  • Malvazija Ponente ’13
  • Malvazija Uroboros sur lie ’12
  • Teran Terra Mare ’12
  • Nigra Virgo Revolution cuvee ’12
  • Rubi Rose ’13
  • CHE non dosage


Love, energy and courage are the main drivers of Trapan Vina. Since 2005 to this day, with hard work and perseverance, we have created 12 hectares of ecologically clean vineyards. The learned knowledge and experience we transfer into the winery creates fine and elegant wines of a specific, recognizable character, with a special Mediterranean touch.

Wine production is primarily a family business and requires a lot of attention and mutual understanding. Believing in the success of our mission, creating from the heart, giving ourselves to the entire production process, we found the right path that leads to achieving our target – to create a distinctive product which even those of most refined taste will enjoy.

The production process is a closed circuit that year-after-year is repeated, and we strengthen and renew our force and unity by doing something that gives us pleasure. For there is no greater happiness and joy in life than to wake up in the morning and be happy to go to work and enjoy in all its aspects, and when you lie down in bed at night and think of a new day, it’s not difficult to get up in the morning and the same job awaits.

Defying tradition and using modern knowledge we have created a renowned range of wines. Using the full potential of indigenous varieties and believing in their maximum efficiency, we decided to make the first extra brut non-dosage rose sparkling wine of Teran, a revolution in our winery, symbolically named ‘Che’.

Blending our red varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Teran) combined with juices from lightly pressed grapes of Teran, we create a rose, Rubi, dedicated to our oldest daughter. It is a fresh, minerally wine that perfectly fits on hot summer days.

Terra Mare is a wine made from 100% Teran grapes and is dedicated to our younger daughter. As with all our wines, Teran has  a specific line and a modern character. Although it retains its originality, this is an atypical Teran.

Of Malvasias, we do a fresh Malvasia, Ponente, and one aged in barrels of acacia, Uroboros. Ponente is our fresh white wine, and the name it carries is of the western wind that blows in this area. Uroboros, the Greek symbol of a snake biting it’s tail, a closed development cycle, and therefore eternal recurrence. The connection between heaven and earth passed through the Uroboros sign, it is felt in the wine which is characterized by an excellent balance between grape variety and wood impact, and its structure allows it to maintain the strength and freshness, just like a real Uroboros.

From single variety reds, besides Teran, we grow Syrah and make a wine called ‘Shuluq’. It’s name originates from Arabic, and bears the name of the southerly warm wind that blows in this area, also known as the ‘Jugo’ or ‘Scirocco’. The terroir of southern Istria is extremely suitable for the success of this variety and the wine from Syrah is intense, full, with ripe tannins and great balance of body and aromas. For this wine we like to say that is our pride, the realization of our vision of aged red wines in style of Cotes du Rhone.

We are especially proud of our red blend, Nigra Virgo Revolution, made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Teran. Revolution – because it carries our character, Nigra Virgo – because it’s soft and velvety, yet tough and enduring, just like a women.

Reflecting on the range of our products, we decided to include another wine, Dark Rose. It is a semi-sweet red wine made from dried grapes of Muscat rose.

We believe in our goals, and we continue in the style of rock and roll – boldly, decisively and safely, as wine for us is not just a product, wine is our life.

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