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Autochthoinos recommends the following wine reviews and stories related to Croatia. [ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Andro Tomić – nurturing Hvar’s autochthonous heritage – “Tomić is both a source and symbol of the vitality of Croatia’s emboldened presence and popularity; nurturing Hvar’s autochthonous varieties and products…in the manner of his forefathers.”
  2. Dingač – from ‘the little blue’ – “Dingač therefore not only represents a prime example of one of Croatia’s premium quality red wines, but of a viticulture adapted to the particular circumstances of time and place.”
  3. Vinarija Josić Terra Pannonium Graševina 2012 – 84 points – “Honeysuckle, intense peach nose; youthful and expressive; Slightly sour green apple notes, with hints of fennel.”
  4. Kozlović Malvazija (2012) – 90 points – “Floral aromas, with ripe green apple…pear, apricot, pineapple and grape notes, with a distinct minerality…crisp and very well-balanced.”
  5. Iločki Podrumi Premium Traminac (2011) – 91 points – “Predominant flavours of nectarine and passion fruit, with blossom, nutmeg and a hint of liquorice…Fresh, expressive and harmonious.”
  6. Matošević Alba Barrique (2007) – 88 points – “Aromas of sweet and pungent spices – cloves, nutmeg and liquorice – plus peach and a hint of pear…Peach and apricot upfront on the palate, followed by almond and overripe quince.”
  7. The wine cellars of Ilok, Croatia – The wines of Ilok, in the easternmost part of Croatia, have long enjoyed recognition beyond the region; its Traminac apparently being served during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Its main autochthonous sorts – Graševina and Traminac – are now key to restoring some of this past prestige.
  8. Vis – infused with Vugava – Though some will simply argue that it is contemporary preferences for less sour and alcoholic wines that make Vugava unappealing, it is Vis’s other autochthonous sorts – not a change in tastes – that may finally help Vugava realise its full potential.
  9. Iločki Podrumi Principovac Traminac (2009) – 89 points – “extremely ripe peaches and preserved fruits…complemented by cloves, almonds, nutmeg and muscat nuts…Velvety texture.”
  10. Matošević Alba Malvazija Istarska (2011) – 87 points – “Straw yellow…Melon and peach flavours predominate, with a hint of kiwi, mild pepper and vanilla.”
  11. Kozlovic Santa Lucia Malvazija (2008) – 93 points – “Intense and long-lasting floral and stone fruit notes, particularly of peaches…rich, silky texture…extremely long and complicated finish.”
  12. Kozlović Malvazija (2011) – 89 points – “Crisp and clean, with a medium finish of pronounced perfume and a hint of gooseberry.”
  13. Iločki Podrumi Graševina (2011) – 82 points – “Flavours of green apple, grape and fresh cucumber, plus a hint of parsley.”

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