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Autochthoinos recommends the following reviews related to Serbia.

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  1. Vinarija Ivanović Prokupac (2011) – 91 points – Vinarija Ivanović Prokupac (2011) – “Intense nose of plums and blackcurrant…black cherry and red fruit on the palate…satin texture with well-integrated tannins.”
  2. Serbia’s wine regions – Župa – In addition to several international grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion, and Italian Riesling, local producers in Župa like Budimir, Minić, Ivanović, Spasić, and Botunjac also grow autochthonous White Tamjanika and Prokupac.
  3. Vranac Potrkanjski 2007 by Jović Winery, Knjaževac, Serbia – “Jović’s Vranac appeared to me like my grandma’s garden in summer: floral fragrances, all mixed in a nectar inebriating bees. No, they were not Mediterranean plants, rather Central European ones: foxgloves, pot marigold, violet and red vetches, sunflowers, nasturcium, matthiola, peppermint and many more.”
  4. Bermet – a wine specialty from Serbia – “Bermet belongs to the family of aromatized wines, which gain their particular flavour through added herbs and spices…There is no single recipe for this wine as every family has its own combination…The exact list of ingredients and the proportions are kept secret.”
  5. Vera Tamjanika Reserve by Vino Budimir – 89 points – Vera Tamjanika Reserve (2008) – “Fresh, floral notes of honey-suckle…Flavours of dried apricots, nutmeg and almond…Distinct minerality and refreshing acidity.”
  6. Vinogradi Botunjac – Župa, Serbia – “Botunjac’s wines truly express the local ‘podneblje’ (Serbian for ‘terroir’) and show an exceptional beauty…a kind of journey into the past: in fact, every bottle is a surprise, as every wine used to be before.”
  7. Serbia’s Negotin region – wine in ancient stone cellars – “There are several autochthonous grape varieties in the Negotin region, mostly very rare. Only in recent years have some been rediscovered…Noteworthy are Bagrina and Black Tamjanika.”
  8. Vinarija Ivanović – “under the sky” of Župa – “Of all autochthonous red varieties in the Balkans, Prokupac has quite possibly the biggest potential to give very noble wines.”
  9. Vinska Kuća Minića – Župa, Serbia – “Minić is known mostly for his Tamjanika, traditional in style – fragrant and mineral. The base Tamjanika bears the name ‘The Hundredth Tear’ (‘Stota Suza’ in Serbian), which is the title of a poem written by Mr. Minić’s father.”
  10. ‘Sub Rosa’ – Vino Budimir from Župa, Serbia – Vino Budimir’s top wine is ‘Sub Rosa’, “a cuvee of Prokupac (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (40%)…dancing on the palate…[with] a whole spectrum of further notes – coffee, chocolate, violets, cherry.”
  11. Bagrina – Danube Valley wine secrets – It seems certain that Bagrina has been almost forgotten and lost, probably surviving in only a few old vineyards of Negotinska krajina in the eastern part of Serbia.

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