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Prokupac is found in Serbia, particularly Zupa in the south of the country, plus parts of Kosovo and Macedonia.

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Typical Characteristics:

  • Skin colour – Noir;
  • Gives high sugar and alcohol levels;
  • Often compared to Syrah.


Prokupac is also known as Crnka, Darchin, Kamenicarka, Kamenilarka, Kamenitscharka, Majski Cornii, Negotinsko Crno, Nichevka, Nikodimka, Nisevka, Procoupatz, Procupac, Prokoupatz, Prokupats, Prokupatz, Prokupec, Prokupka, Rekavac, Rekovacka Crnka, Rskavac, Rskavats, Rskavaty, Scopsko Cherno, Skopsko Crno, Skopsko Tsrno, Tsrnina, Zachinok, Zaichin, Zarchin, Zarcin, Zartchin and Zartchine.

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Photograph courtesy of Vinarija Budimir.

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