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Indigenous to Macedonia (where it is also known as ‘Vranec’), Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina; and described as a grape that is synonymous with the Balkans. ‘Vranac’ means ‘black stallion’, whilst ‘Vran’ means raven coloured (in South Slavic languages, red wines are typically called black wine).

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Recommended Producers:

Typical characteristics:

  • Berries are large and deeply-coloured;
  • Gives dry red wines, with firm tannins;
  • Extremely productive vines;
  • Medium to high acidity;
  • Typical nose of red berries and jammy fruit.


Vranac is also known as Kratosija, Prhljavac, Varjuszoeloe, Vranac, Crmnicki, Vranac Crni, Vranac Crnogorski, Vranac Ornogorski, Vranac Prhljavac, Vranak, Vranatz, Vranatz Hrstacha, Vranatz Tzrmniichkii, Vranec, Vranek, Vranetze, Vranik

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